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Appian Way, Summer

COPLAC 2020 Annual Meeting

Public Liberal Arts College: Partner and Prosper – Campus, Community, Corporate

Monday, June 29 through Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Message from Keene State College President Melinda Treadwell

Dr. Melinda Treadwell
Dr. Melinda Treadwell

Dear Colleagues:

In this unprecedented time, we are living out the relevance of the liberal arts within our institutions, our communities, and with our corporate partners. We have been challenged to collaborate campus-wide and to expand outward in partnerships to create resources that will meet urgent needs. I believe we have been made stronger by this experience. And, as we demonstrate the ability to problem-solve and collaborate, our adaptability as institutions serves as a model of how we prepare our students for their first and subsequent careers.

At Keene State College, we are moving forward to create a robust pathway for students to explore, be inspired, and engage through internships, research and creative endeavor. We also partner with our Community College System and business community to innovate and offer more together, through partnership, to serve the public good and economic needs of our region.

As champions of the public liberal arts, we must all continue to pursue opportunities to match the education we provide with careers and community needs of the future. As we do this, we commit to making a college degree accessible to a broad range of learners, and translatable to experiences in the real world. This is our way forward.

As we do not do this work in isolation, I am delighted to come together for this annual conference to share ideas and find inspiration that will increasingly lift the mission, model the values, and advance the relevancy of the public liberal arts.

Please join Keene State College in our virtual conference. And, thank you for your commitment to the value and promise of the public liberal arts.

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