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Sciences and Social Sciences

Alicia Morisson

Message from the Dean


Building Excellence in Science and Technology

The Building Excellence in Science and Technology (BEST) program at Keene State College is designed to help you succeed, whether you’ve always known you were interested in the sciences or whether you’re just realizing the sciences might be the path for you.

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Poverty, inequality, homelessness, voter enfranchisement, and global climate change. These are just some of the most pressing concerns facing the world today. And these are the issues that engage our students and faculty in the School of Sciences and Social Sciences every day.

Education is an active process – our students learn through research, service learning, and active citizenship. We emphasize critical thinking and creative problem solving as a way to approach any challenge. We challenge and support diverse learners and encourage strong relationships among our students, our faculty and our staff. We’ll look at every topic from a global perspective, and discover ways to promote social justice, environmental sustainability, and active collaboration with our community partners. We aim to make a difference, for our students and the world–and we do. More about Message from the Dean

Students Receive Award for Community Project


How livable is your community? Three students from Keene State received the Association of American Geographers Best International Undergraduate Student Paper Award for 2013 for their work in creating an assessment tool to measure one local town’s appeal. More about Students Receive Award for Community Project

Alumni Are Breaking New Ground

Mark Newton

Mark Newton, KSC Class of 1987, knows something about the intersection of sustainability and social responsibility. In fact, he may have paved the road that got us there. Read more about a career that had its beginnings in the chemistry labs at Keene State College and a stop in the vice president’s role at Timberland Corporation. More about Alumni Are Breaking New Ground

Areas of Study

Anthropology thumbnail

The scientific study of human beings investigates the biological, social, and cultural details of everyday life.


Biology thumbnail

Are you destined to study biology? KSC’s distinguished faculty is known for nurturing promising science students.


Chemistry thumbnail

Essential for anyone aspiring to a career in science, and you get to use all of the cool equipment in the labs.


Computer Science thumbnail
Computer Science

The mathematical foundations of computer science, programming, architecture, and database systems.


Criminal Justice Studies thumbnail
Criminal Justice Studies

Study the legal underpinnings of a civil society, from forensic science to constitutional law, to understand the U.S. criminal justice system.


Economics thumbnail

Rigorous training in economic theory plus globalization, financial market volatility, consumer behavior, the environment, and other contemporary issues.


Environmental Studies thumbnail
Environmental Studies

Field studies, inquiry-based projects, and research on environmental issues across the natural and social sciences.


Geography thumbnail

Geospatial technologies (including GIS, remote sensing, and computer mapping) as well as classic physical and cultural geography.

Overview Department Catalog

Management thumbnail

Successful managers need strong administrative, quantitative, and communication skills with a liberal arts and sciences foundation.


Mathematics thumbnail

Four years of math, from calculus to capstone, add up to a bachelor’s degree.


Physics thumbnail

Students earn degrees in either Chemistry-Physics (often combined with Education) or Mathematics-Physics.


Political Science thumbnail
Political Science

If local, national, and global politics are your passion, Political Science will prepare you for active citizenship.


Psychology thumbnail

What are the biological and social bases for human behavior? Engage in original research and community-based practicum experiences, and find out.


Sociology thumbnail

Why do people in groups behave the way they do? Answer this big question through systematic study of social and cultural forces, theories, and research methods.


Sciences News

December 19, 2017 –

What can frogs tell us about the effects of environmental toxins on the human body? A Keene State faculty member and her student researchers are working to find out.

The African clawed frog, also known as Xenopus laevis, shares a couple of important features with humans: both are vertebrates, and…

September 26, 2017 –

Katie Featherston, Biology Lab and Greenhouse Specialist at Keene State, is working with several students to transform the courtyard in the Putnam Science Center into a permaculture garden, revitalizing the space for use by the campus community.

Representing a variety of disciplines, these students are replacing the original flora with…

August 30, 2017 –

What’s it like to serve in the Peace Corps in Liberia? Andy Penfield ’15 is finding out first-hand – and sharing his experiences through a blog, Andy’s Peace Corps Adventure .

The mathematics and physics major from Westford, Massachusetts, underwent 11 weeks of training over the summer, including learning “Liberian…

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