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Sciences, Sustainability, and Health

Areas of Study

Anthropology thumbnail iconAnthropology

The scientific study of human beings investigates the biological, social, and cultural details of everyday life.

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Architecture thumbnail iconArchitecture

Artistic and technical training, with special emphasis on sustainable design, problem-solving, and collaborative work.

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Biology thumbnail iconBiology

Are you destined to study biology? KSC’s distinguished faculty is known for nurturing promising science students.

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Business Management thumbnail iconBusiness Management

Successful managers need strong administrative, quantitative, and communication skills with a liberal arts and sciences foundation.

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Chemistry thumbnail iconChemistry

Essential for anyone aspiring to a career in science, and you get to use all of the cool equipment in the labs.

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Computer Science thumbnail iconComputer Science

The mathematical foundations of computer science, programming, architecture, and database systems.

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Construction Management thumbnail iconConstruction Management

Construction managers help ensure that the projects under their direction are completed on time and on budget.

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Construction Safety Sciences thumbnail iconConstruction Safety Sciences

Prepares students for a variety of occupational safety and health program management positions in private and public construction.

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Criminal Justice Studies thumbnail iconCriminal Justice Studies

Study the legal underpinnings of a civil society, from forensic science to constitutional law, to understand the U.S. criminal justice system.

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Economics thumbnail iconEconomics

Rigorous training in economic theory plus globalization, financial market volatility, consumer behavior, the environment, and other contemporary issues.

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Environmental Studies thumbnail iconEnvironmental Studies

Field studies, inquiry-based projects, and research on environmental issues across the natural and social sciences.

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Exercise Science thumbnail iconExercise Science

Preparing students for careers in strength and conditioning, community or corporate wellness programs, and graduate degrees in Allied Health.

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Geography, Outdoor Recreation, and Planning thumbnail iconGeography, Outdoor Recreation, and Planning

Students majoring in Geography, Outdoor Recreation, and Planning develop the knowledge and skills to address some of the most interesting and challenging issues facing the world today.

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Information Studies thumbnail iconInformation Studies

Learn to navigate the increasingly complex information environment and delve into issues regarding privacy, censorship, ethics, and rights. Complements any major program of study.

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Legal Studies thumbnail iconLegal Studies

If you’re thinking about going to law school or seeking a law-related position after you earn your college degree, you’ll want to look into the Legal Studies major.

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Mathematics thumbnail iconMathematics

Four years of math, from calculus to capstone, add up to a bachelor’s degree.

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Neuroscience thumbnail iconNeuroscience

Are you interested in learning about the brain and how it functions, understanding a variety of scientific concepts, and discovering what determines human behavior?

Nursing thumbnail iconNursing

A program designed for individuals seeking to start a career in healthcare as a registered nurse prepared at the baccalaureate level (BSN).

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Physical Education thumbnail iconPhysical Education

Options in Teacher Certification and Child & Youth Physical Activity Specialist.

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Physics thumbnail iconPhysics

Students earn degrees in either Chemistry-Physics (often combined with Education) or Physics.

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Politics thumbnail iconPolitics

If local, national, and global politics are your passion, Political Science will prepare you for active citizenship.

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Psychology thumbnail iconPsychology

What are the biological and social bases for human behavior? Engage in original research and community-based practicum experiences, and find out.

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Public Health thumbnail iconPublic Health

How to attain and promote health: in individuals and communities, bodies and behavior. Focus on wellness, nutrition, or substance abuse.

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Safety & Occupational Health Applied Sciences thumbnail iconSafety & Occupational Health Applied Sciences

Work in the high-tech TDS Center and learn about health and safety in the workplace, compliance with regulations, and jobsite leadership.

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Sociology thumbnail iconSociology

Why do people in groups behave the way they do? Answer this big question through systematic study of social and cultural forces, theories, and research methods.

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STEM for Educators thumbnail iconSTEM for Educators

Are you interested in educating others about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts?

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Sustainability Studies thumbnail iconSustainability Studies

A new generation of professionals is needed to develop solutions and positive societal change to bring about a more sustainable world.

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Sustainable Product Design & Innovation thumbnail iconSustainable Product Design & Innovation

How are new consumer products designed? KSC’s program values sustainability and sound business practices. Hands-on, project-based learning from the start.

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March 25, 2021 –

The KSC Seminar Series, presented by the School of Sciences, Sustainability, and Health and the School of Arts, Education, and Humanities, offers an opportunity to explore some of the exciting...

Sustainability Studies Major Julia Ansemlo
November 30, 2020 –

When Julia Anselmo ’21 did her college search, she was looking for a school that was affordable, not too big, not too far from her home in Clinton, CT, and...

Matthew Pittendreigh Owl Chatbot
November 4, 2020 –

A panel presentation followed by Q & A with student project leaders and their mentors.


Welcome: President Treadwell ‘90

Panel Presentations:

Owl Assist Chatbot Matthew Pittendreigh ‘22, ’21, Computer...

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