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Graduate Record Exam - FAQ

What is the GRE? The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) consists of a general exam designed to measure certain developed verbal, quantitative and analytical abilities, and subject tests designed to measure content knowledge. It is frequently used by graduate programs as one of several means of evaluating applicants.

How do I know if I need to take the Graduate Record Exam? Consult graduate catalogs from your schools of interest to determine which exams are required for admission to the program. Some programs require only the GRE general test while other programs will require one or more subject tests. Many business and professional programs require exams other than the GRE that are specifically designed for their area of study. Some graduate programs do not require exams for admission and some will permit substitution of the Miller Analogies Test results.

When should I plan to take graduate school exams? Ideally, exams should be taken in the spring or early summer of your junior year if you plan to go directly to graduate school after graduation or are applying for scholarships or fellowships. Early in the fall of your senior year will be early enough for many programs, but remember that the closer to the deadline you apply the greater the competition for the remaining slots. Your application will not be considered unless your scores and all required materials have been received.

Where do I take the exam? The GRE Bulletin and web site list year-round computer-based testing centers world-wide as well as the testing centers for paper-based revised General Test and Subject Exams.

How do I prepare? Free, official test preparation materials for the computer- and paper-based GRE® tests are available to anyone who registers for the GRE tests or who visits Select Test Takers > GRE General Test > Test Preparation. A limited number of GRE Bulletins are available in the Career Resource Center located in the Elliot Center. Students who find it difficult to study independently and systematically may choose to take a prep course. Princeton Review and Kaplan are organizations that offer prep courses.

Should I take the GRE if I’m not really prepared? Prepare carefully as all scores from a 5-year period are reported to schools you designate. Do not take the GRE as a practice exam unless you are prepared to cancel your scores at the conclusion of the exam and never know how well you did. Institutions vary in how they interpret scores when the GRE is retaken.

What will the exam cost? Fees vary from year to year and are dependent on the type and form of test that you take. They are listed in the GRE Bulletin and online as is information about qualifying for a fee waiver.

How do I register for the GRE? Everything you need to know about registering can be found in the GRE Bulletin available in the Career Resource Center or online at . Read it very carefully, paying particular attention to the requirements for photo identification. You can not be admitted to the exam without all required materials.

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