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Take Safety and Occupational Health Applied Science to Another Level – the Master of Science Program

The M.S. in Safety and Occupational Health Applied Science is designed for motivated students who are ready to engage in a personalized plan of study that shows they have the knowledge, skills and dispositions of seasoned professionals.

Master’s graduates improve their ability to anticipate, evaluate, and control hazards within the workplace to protect the health and safety of employees. Safety and occupational health professionals find this program to be very accessible and loaded with content that helps them face the philosophical, technological, and managerial challenges emerging in the world today. Candidates for this degree enjoy the guidance and mentorship of faculty, engaging coursework, seminar discussions, field work, readings, professional conferences, and opportunities to take part in useful research. As a result of this program, students will demonstrate competence in critical and creative thinking, quantitative and technological literacy, advanced management, and writing skills. These abilities are the essential tools used by confident and competent leaders who initiate innovative technical solutions that are balanced with moral and ethical considerations in public and private sectors.

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