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‘Philosophical Questions and Mysteries’: Meet Our Students

Sheila Cremin ’14

Sheila Cremin

“Psychological health and awareness has a large impact on people in both an individual and societal manner,” says psychology major Sheila Cremin. “The brain and its effects on our physical health, perceptions of the world, and understanding of each other is a fairly new discipline and, I believe, an area of study in which there is so much more to discover.”

Cremin, who hopes to enter a master’s program in school psychology, has studied the emerging research on brain plasticity. A member of Keene State’s swim team, she volunteers with an afterschool program at a local elementary school.

“I like that psychology applies a scientific approach to tackle the philosophical questions and mysteries of being human,” she says. “I am able to use knowledge of biology, philosophy, math, and even physics to better understand the human condition. There are multiple fields within psychology, so I am never tired of learning about it.”

Emily Winskowicz ’14

Emily Winskowicz

“I decided to select the psychology program because I want to work in a profession that allows me help others work through their problems,” says psychology major Emily Winskowics. “I have always been fascinated by the human brain, mind, emotions, and behavior. Every person is different, and psychology allows one to see the world through another person’s experience and explore why people are the way they are.”

Winskowicz, who hopes for a career as an art therapist, volunteers as a crisis intervention worker at the Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention, a 24-hour crisis line, and plays intramural basketball and volleyball. She cites as her most interesting research project a paper on mural paintings in Nicaragua – a country she visited through Keene State College Global Engagement.

What does she like most about her major? “I like how the material I learn about in class can be used to gain a better understanding of how people operate outside the classroom, and I can apply that information to my own relationships,” she says. “Studying psychology has helped with my personal growth as an individual.”