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Kieth Goodale Physics Lab


Effective 7/8/2021 this program is on administrative hold. There will be no admission to the program for current and prospective students while on administrative hold.


Physics at Keene State College is taught within a liberal arts framework, stressing the historical, philosophical, and conceptual frameworks from which modern-day physics arises, and at the same time providing a rigorous program with ample opportunities for undergraduate research, individual tutoring and mentoring, and preparation for careers and further study in engineering or graduate school.

With small classes and an experienced and dedicated faculty, the physics program is noted for its close faculty-student relationships. From the first day of class, professors work to establish rapport and communication with students. Faculty encourage independent and small-group research projects. The Physics Department and faculty offices are located on the third floor of the David F. Putnam Science Center, a facility filled with science and computer labs, top-of-the-line instruments and equipment, and ample room for experimentation.

Program Options

Physics minor
A great combination with any major, especially in the sciences, that gives students a solid foundation in physics.

Astronomy minor
Any student interested in astronomy will benefit from this minor program which covers the basics of planetary, stellar, and galactic astronomy, more advanced concepts in cosmology, and practical knowledge in physics fundamentals with a choice of courses in research or physics.

Engineering Transfer 2+2 and 3+2 programs
The first two years at any engineering school are all similar, and the first two years of our Mathematics/Physics program follow them very closely. It consists of introductory math, chemistry and physics classes as well as our Fundamentals of Engineering course, which introduces potential engineers to the various engineering disciplines and problem solving in engineering. Here at Keene State you can do the first two years of an engineering degree with small class sizes before transferring to a big engineering school.

Engineering Transfer 2+2 program. Students transfer to an engineering school after 2 years of a mathematics/physics curriculum at Keene State.

Engineering Transfer 3+2 program. Students spend three years at Keene State and two years in engineering school and receive a B.S. in Math/Physics or Chemistry/Physics from Keene State College and an appropriate B.S. in Engineering.

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In this Section:

Career and Other Opportunities

Our students can pursue careers in fields where they can put their knowledge to more practical applications. Physics graduates can easily move into government and industrial jobs that require an ability to think logically and creatively using their skills in problem-solving, mathematical reasoning, computer programming, and organizing and interpreting scientific data.

Graduates pursue academic and career paths in:

  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics
  • Insurance
  • Optics
  • Teaching
  • Industrial physics
  • Forensics
  • Banking
  • Quality control
  • Military

…as well as in many areas of physics:

  • Astrophysics
  • Nuclear physics
  • Geophysics
  • Chemical physics
  • Fluidphysics
  • Nanophysics
  • Computational physics
  • Space physics
  • Biophysics
  • Health physics


Physics graduates from Keene State College have a knowledge of the historical, philosophical, and conceptual frameworks from which modern-day physics arises, and skills in problem-solving, mathematical reasoning, and organizing and interpreting scientific data.

It's really beautiful to be able to explain things that nobody's ever heard of and explore new topics—it's the coolest thing in the world.
Micah Arends '16

Michael Godzik '20
December 6, 2019 –

Michael Godzik, a senior at Keene State College, will not let the fear of math stop him from succeeding. From taking just one physics course prior to college, Michael now...

Andy Penfield
August 30, 2017 –

What’s it like to serve in the Peace Corps in Liberia? Andy Penfield ’15 is finding out first-hand – and sharing his experiences through a blog, Andy’s Peace Corps Adventure...

Micah Arends
December 13, 2016 –

Micah Arends, a senior from Simsbury, Conn., originally studied architecture at Keene State before transferring into the Physics Department during his second year. “Originally I liked the design aspect of...

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