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Nicole Mihalko

Do you have a passion for science and math, a drive to understand the physical and mathematical foundations of the world? Welcome to the Physics Department at Keene State College. We are committed to teaching physics as a liberal arts subject, stressing the historical, philosophical, and conceptual frameworks from which modern-day physics arises, and at the same time providing a rigorous program with ample opportunities for undergraduate research, individual tutoring and mentoring, and preparation for careers and further study in Engineering or Graduate School.

How do you know if you will excel at physics? Our best students are curious about the world around them, love math, have a knack for abstract thinking, and have fun working with physical principles (if this sounds geeky, it is!). They get fascinated with the role physics plays in everyday life, a fascination shared by their professors in and outside the classroom.

The physics program at Keene State offers two hybrid majors, Chemistry-Physics and Mathematics-Physics, and encompasses the study of astronomy and meteorology. Students can also choose the Engineering Transfer program, which prepares them for an engineering degree at another institution.

From the first day of class, professors work to establish rapport and communication with students, identifying promising students and reaching out to those who have concerns about any of the material covered in class. Professors encourage independent and small-group research projects. The Physics Department and faculty offices are located on the third floor of the David F. Putnam Science Center, a facility filled with science and computer labs, top-of-the-line instruments and equipment, and ample room for experimentation.

Help When You Need It

Professors reach out to help students with difficult material. More about Help When You Need It

Undergrad Research

Whether it’s astronomy or the physics of video game music, students dive into original research. More about Undergrad Research

The Value of a Hybrid Major

Students choose Chemistry-Physics or Mathematics-Physics, expanding the value of their degree. More about The Value of a Hybrid Major


August 30, 2017 –

What’s it like to serve in the Peace Corps in Liberia? Andy Penfield ’15 is finding out first-hand – and sharing his experiences through a blog, Andy’s Peace Corps Adventure .

The mathematics and physics major from Westford, Massachusetts, underwent 11 weeks of training over the summer, including learning “Liberian…

December 13, 2016 –

Micah Arends, a senior from Simsbury, Conn., originally studied architecture at Keene State before transferring into the Physics Department during his second year. “Originally I liked the design aspect of architecture, but I decided that I wanted to focus on the math behind it instead,” he said.

Arends’s journey in…

May 4, 2015 –

Students studying biology, chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics and computer science are getting extra help from Keene State College, and from their own peers. Keene State created the B.E.S.T. (Building Excellence in Science and Technology) Program this past year to help students navigate these fields that can sometimes be intimidating. The…

October 10, 2014 –

Biodiesel can power our vehicles—even heavy equipment—and heat our homes. It’s renewable—it can be made from things we grow: from soybeans to algae, and from the millions of gallons of waste vegetable oil from all those fry-o-lators in restaurants and fast-food joints around the country. Biodiesel spill? No problem—it’s biodegradeable…

Faculty & Staff

Members of the KSC Physics faculty are dedicated to teaching and scholarship. More about Faculty & Staff

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