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Interview with Taylor Murray, Athletic Training Student at KSC

What drew your to Athletic Training?

I became interested in Athletic Training when I was an athlete back in high school and suffered a torn ACL while playing varsity soccer. From there I originally wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy but when I was exposed to that atmosphere I decided athletic training would be a perfect fit because I wanted to work with athletes who had the desire to work hard to return to the sport of choice.

How did you find KSC?

I found KSC from a friend from high school that was interested in going here. At the time I had already decided where I was going but decided I would look into KSC, now I am very glad that I did because it was the perfect fit for me.

How is KSC meeting and/or exceeding your expectations?

KSC has met all of my expectations and much more, ranging from the education that I have acquired during my time spent there, the willingness of the teachers to help us achieve our best and lastly the great relationships I have made during my time spent there with great people.

Have there been any unexpected benefits, opportunities, and experiences here at Keene State?

One of the most unexpected opportunities I gained from KSC was my summer internship with the Cape Cod Baseball League as an intern student athletic trainer. The professors at KSC work hard at developing your skills as a health care provider but also try to find educations oppurtnities for their students as well. One of my professors who is a certified ATC at KSC found me the summer internship and thought it would be a great idea for me to apply because he knew I lived on Cape Cod. After looking into the internship it was offered through a physical therapy clinic that I had already worked therefore I had already established connections and luckily was chosen for the internship. I am returning to the Cotuit Kettleers this summer to intern with them again and am looking forward to it extremely. This experience taught me that the professors within the athletic training program and the professors as a whole at KSC want to see their students become successful in their field of choice.

What would you say to other students interested in Athletic Training?

I would say that it is hard work, but it is all worth it when at the end of the day you are working in a profession that you love. If you love helping others perform to the best of their ability rehabilitate them from injuries and educate athletes about injuries and the precautions they can do to prevent them from happening and lastly love watching sports, athletic training is the career for you.

What are your future plans? Goals?

My future plans is to graduate from KSC and continue my education as graduate assistant in an accredited athletic training program working to earn my masters degree. After my completion of my masters degree t is my goal to work at a Division 2 or 3 college or university as an athletic trainer.

How is your KSC education and your experiences playing a role in achieving those goals?

KSC’s athletic training program is a very well known program within the region, this being said it is providing me with the education, skills and clinical experience to become a great athletic trainer. This being said KSC will be the foundation to my future in becoming an accomplished athletic trainer and I will always be thankful for that.

What is the most unexpected thing about your experience at KSC?

The most unexpected aspect during my experience at KSC is the amount of knowledge that I have gained in such a short amount of time and how that continues to grow day by day. KSC is not a large school but the atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. Since the athletic training program is a very small and competitive program only select students are allowed into the program. This has allowed me to make great friends during my time at KSC that will last for some time after leaving and I will cherish that forever and will always be proud to say I graduated from KSC. 

Are you involved in extracurricular activities? If so, what?

I am involved in the student organizations Keene State Athletic Training Society and was treasurer during this pas academic year. This organization is open to all students but the majority is made up of athletic training students. Within this organization we hold fundraisers for several research organizations for diseases, fundraisers to be able to go to athletic training conferences such as Eastern Athletic Training Association conference or National Athletic Trainer Association Conference and discuss where the profession is heading towards.

What are the most important features and benefits of the campus?

Out of the entire campus the majority of my time has been spent at the Spaulding Gymnasium, whether I was in class, working at the front desk at the gym, doing clinical hours in the athletic training clinic or simply just working out. All of the buildings have their benefits for the students and are always available to students needs. Of course the campus dining commons is an important building to know as well, within your first few days spent at KSC it be known to you as the DC. The benefits between all of the buildings is the fact that all of the building are very close to each other, longest walk to class from any spot on campus is about 5 minutes which is a relief when there’s feet of snow on the ground.

Are you involved with the local community? In what way?

Through Keene State Athletic Training Society we have held fundraiser’s for local Breat Cancer Walks, Alzheimer’s Research and Brain Cancer Research.

What is the best piece of advice you could share with an incoming student?

The best of advice that I could give to an incoming student is college is what you make it. I have made it some of the best years of my life and I recommend they do the same. Enjoy it while it lasts, make friends that you will keep for the rest of your life and work hard becoming the best that you can in your field of study. Keene will welcome you with open arms, now you just have to embrace the experience.

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