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The Mathematics Department, located in the Mathematics Building on the corner of Winchester and Blake streets, is known for its close-knit community of professors and students who work together inside and outside the classroom. Faculty and students attend and present at professional conferences, collaborate on Math Club activities, do independent research, and sponsor social events. Students work as peer tutors in 100-level courses and help staff the Math Center, where math majors and non-majors can drop in to get help.

The study of mathematics at KSC prepares students for teaching math at any level from elementary school through high school. (Students desiring certification as teachers are also required to earn a dual major in Education.) The Mathematics program also prepares students for math-oriented careers in business, industry, or government, or for graduate study.

KSC mathematics alumni have won numerous teaching awards at both the state and national levels. We are particularly proud of the fact that 10 of the last 17 winners of the Fernand J. Prevost Mathematics Teaching Award, given by the New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics, have been Keene State alumni.

Most students begin their study of mathematics by taking Calculus I, although starting with Precalculus or Calculus II is also possible. KSC courses cover a wide spectrum of mathematical topics, including statistics, linear algebra, abstract algebra, geometry, applied mathematics, and the history of mathematics. Our programs stress mathematical problem solving and reasoning, and provide experience using technology to learn and do mathematics.

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