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Four Great Things to Know about the Department

The Mathematics Building

The building on the corner of Winchester and Blake streets on the KSC campus is the heart of the Mathematics Department. Faculty offices, classrooms, a computer lab, student workspace, and the Math Center create an active community for math students.

Math Faculty Rack Up Awards

Mathematics faculty have won several college-wide awards, hold offices in professional organizations for mathematicians and mathematics educators, and publish regularly in the field. For example:

Dr. Beverly Ferrucci, 2010 KSC Alumni Association Distinguished Teacher. Dr. Ferrucci has been a driving force for excellence in training mathematics teachers at Keene State for more than 20 years and is internationally renowned in the field of mathematics education. She was the first female editor of the New England Journal of Mathematics, and recently won the Richard C. Evans Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award for her creativity in teaching mathematics.

Dr. Ockle Johnson, 2002 Distinguished Teacher Award winner, currently serves on the Board of Governors of the Mathematical Association of American and has also served as department chair, interim Dean of Sciences and Social Sciences, College Senate chair, and on many key committees and task forces. He is known for making mathematics accessible to all students, majors and non-majors, and for his willingness to meet with students outside his regular office hours.

Dr. Karen Stanish, current chair of the Mathematics Department, also serves the College with her leadership in the College Senate, and serves the Mathematical Association of America as the Chair of the Northeastern Section.

Several faculty members have published recently in professional journals, including professors Stephen Bismarck, Dick Jardine, Beverly Ferrucci, Michael Cullinane, Joseph Witkowski, and Eileen Phillips.

Math + Students = Success at KSC

Brittany Boscarino, Class of 2014, is majoring in Mathematics (Secondary Teaching option). She has presented her work at several conferences, including KSC’s Academic Excellence Conference and the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. She is also a varsity soccer player, math tutor, and vice-president of the Math Club. As a member of the Honors Program, she traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has inspired her to teach abroad after she graduates.

Kyle Virgin, Class of 2014, is majoring in Mathematics Education for Elementary Teachers. He has worked with Dr. Beverly Ferrucci on an undergraduate research grant and participated in four conferences, starting in his sophomore year. He is the vice-president of the Education Honors Society. He will work on certification as a math specialist for elementary grades.

Jacob Cheverie, Class of 2015, is a Mathematics-Physics major, working on a BS degree. He has done research with Dr. Vince Ferlini, Mathematics, and has presented their results at the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. He is studying both math and physics to give him the best background for future graduate study of particle physics.

The Mathematics Options at KSC

Students drawn to the study of mathematics have several options at KSC.

* Note: the teaching options all require an Education BS degree as part of the educator preparation program at KSC

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