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Julie Conlon

Julie Conlon, ‘14
Julie Conlon, ‘14

Class of 2014

Managing Executive Editor
The Equinox, 2013-14

Why Journalism?

I grew up writing short stories and poems, so I knew I wanted to do something with writing. When I reached the age when I began considering my future, I thought journalism would be a good field to study because I could apply my love of writing to an actual career.

How is KSC meeting your expectations?

I can honestly say that as a student studying journalism I will leave this school with more experience in my field of choice than most students. The program has exceeded my expectations entirely; the hands-on, absolutely real life work and situations I’m in everyday with this program is preparing me for the job market.

Have you experienced unexpected benefits and opportunities here at Keene State?

The dedication of the professors is special. I can call a professor at 3:00a.m. if I’m struggling with a story or there’s an issue with "The Equinox." It’s safe to say we are all perfectionists, and it’s for this reason that everyone—every single student and every single professor—have their eyes set on success, and all are willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

What advice would you share with other students interested in journalism?

I would encourage anyone interested in journalism to launch right into the program as soon as they have room in their schedule. The sooner you can get involved, the sooner you will see if it’s the right fit for you. The department is always open, so I’d also recommend pursuing a professor for a meeting at the beginning year to discuss their interests. It’s a matter of taking the initiative to get involved. So, I’d say get involved immediately! You won’t regret it.

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