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If you’ve ever played a game of Telephone, you know how easy it is for the details of a message to get scrambled as it’s passed along. In the field of journalism, passing along accurate information is no game. It’s a tremendous responsibility. Keene State College Journalism professors take that responsibility very seriously as they teach our students the importance of fair, accurate, and objective journalism practices.

Julio DelSesto   Bio
Associate Professor
Media Arts Center 112
Rodger Martin  
Media Arts Center 122
603-358-8888 x4313
Dr. Chad Nye  
Associate Professor
Media Arts Center 123
Dr. David Payson  
Associate Professor Emeritus
Dr. Marianne Salcetti  
Assistant Professor
Media Arts Center 131
Dr. Mark Timney   Bio
Associate Professor
Media Arts Center 125
Michael Wakefield  
Media Arts Center

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