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Students and Alumni

History Students Transcribe Colonial Ledger

Reading a history book is exciting. It’s filled with interesting facts and dramatic stories, if you’re lucky there are even pictures. But to touch a piece of history, to smell its age, to have it there in the room with you, well, that’s electric and ultimately a real education.

Alanna Griffin-Bales ’14

When Alanna Griffin-Bales was looking to transfer from University of New Hampshire after two years of study, the reputation of the history department was the deciding factor for where she would go.

Documentaries Lead to Love of History

Hours spent rethinking Guadalcanal, mentally trudging the beaches of Iwo Jima, imagining the steady thrum of the Luftwaffe–that’s some pretty heavy lifting for a little boy, even if it was all done from the quiet cool of a library.

Pragmatism Turns to Passion in the History Department

For Christopher Cameron, the decision to become a history major was a pragmatic one, at first. "I was interested in going to law school," he says. "And saw that most law students majored in history or political science."

Alumni News

Beyond a lifelong appreciation of social, political, and economic history of the world – a degree in History provides the skills necessary for a productive professional career as well as an intellectually fulfilling life. See what our graduates are up to.

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