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Intrigued by paleontology, petrology, or mineralogy? They are among the core courses in the study of Geology. Central to an understanding of Earth’s past, present, and future, Geology is also excellent preparation for careers in mining, environmental geology, resource planning, and hydrogeology. More about Program Overview

Students & Alumni

Lorne Currier

The head of a scientist, the heart of an explorer - these are common threads among students who join the Geology Department. In this department, students will get their hands dirty while at the same time learning the essential skills to get them the post-graduate career or continuing education they are looking for.

With a solid scientific foundation and plenty of hands-on experience under their belts, the sky’s the limit for our graduates.


In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus of Geology Frederic Layman
Water, Ice, Rain, and Life-Changing Moments
Peer Mentoring Program Helps Students in Science and Technology Fields

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