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Film Studies

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Keene State is the only public institution in New Hampshire where you can major in film production. We offer numerous courses in film and video to Film Studies majors and non-majors alike.

Film Studies majors can earn a BA in one of two options (or both!): Film Production and/or Film Criticism. Whichever one you choose, the department will require you to immerse yourself in the reciprocal relationship between these complementary areas of study. Serious study of film means that you’ll have to understand the medium’s history, critical patterns, social context, technological developments, and creative methodology. As you go through our program, you should learn to understand and appreciate the aesthetic qualities intrinsic to the medium, the technical skills to express your ideas, and a solid work ethic that will let you excel in your career.

We work with our students to help them to develop the following skills:

Critical thinking, creative research and analysis skills that foster dynamic connections between the students’ own interests, the work of film scholars, the contributions of the students’ peers, classroom conversations and course materials.

Effective writing and information technology skills which allow the students effectively represent themselves through critical analysis of film and other moving image media, as well as clear communication in various professional contexts including cover letters and resumes, grantwriting and report writing.

Understanding and appreciation of the historical, socio-cultural, and global contexts that have shaped film and other moving image media in the past and present.

A sense of social engagement and responsibility in the art and industry of filmmaking, as well as a sensitivity to ethical concerns involved with image production.

Confidence and excellence in public presentation skills, whether the student is delivering an academic paper, or describing the creative process behind his/her film.

Production skills for making short films and videos, encompassing several key stages:

  • Learning how to envision and prepare a project.
  • Organizing personnel, equipment and resources to fully realize the creative vision.

  • Handling film and video equipment with technical knowledge and expertise.

  • Managing the post-production process with determination to produce a fully realized product.

The Film program is housed in the Media Arts Center, a facility that we share with the Graphic Design, Journalism, and Communication programs. That’s were you’ll attend classes, visit with your professors, and have use the television broadcast studio, the greenscreen area, and the editing suites. KSC is currently planning to build a new Visual and Media Arts Center, which will offer all new post-production facilities as well as a sound stage for productions.

See the course catalog for complete information on becoming a Film Studies major at KSC. If you’d like to visit our department, come to one of our tours, or attend our annual Film Festival and Critical Studies Symposium held yearly in late April / early May, contact us, and we will be happy to welcome you!

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