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Environmental Studies Alumni

Mike Lundsted, ‘16

(2016 Environmental Studies, Biology minor, New Hampshire resident)

Mike is a recent graduate who gained valuable experience in the lab of Dr. Denise Burchsted, Environmental Studies faculty with expertise in river ecosystems and restoration.

My overall experience at KSC, socially and academically, was wonderful. The field science methods I was subjected to through the Environmental Studies and Biology programs supplied me with the means to be successful in my future career. I am currently working as a Project Coordinator for an Ecological Contracting company and owe my success to KSC. Thank you Keene State!

Mike Valle, ‘17

(Double Major in Environmental Studies and SOHAS (Safety Occupational Health Applied Sciences))

Mike earned a prestigious and competitive full-time position with CNA Insurance in their risk management program. He is currently in a CNA management training program in Chicago and will start his career with CNA as a risk consultant in the Boston area, providing risk consultation support in New England to protect companies against environmental and occupational losses.

After three years of education, KSC requires that you showcase your ability to apply your knowledge in a ‘capstone project’. Working in teams, we conducted loss investigations and displayed effective communication strategies to business leaders. In another capstone for Environmental Studies, we researched and practiced skills new to us, built a non-biased report of our findings, and presented them to local associates in a public setting.

The skills and knowledge provided to me by KSC have translated into my career where I act as an environmental/occupational health and safety consultant to clients of all industries. I face daily obstacles which requiring my ability to think critically, effectively conduct research in a timely manner, build a balanced argument backed by non-biased findings, and present these findings effectively to any audience.

I would never have been able to find or thrive in this career without the education and guidance provided to me by the staff of both educational departments; the backing of the Keene State reputation; and the professional network that was pre-established for me.

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