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Dr. Kate Tirabassi, Associate Professor

Dr. Tirabassi wants her writers to be hands-on, savvy, and in the community.

To that end, Dr. Tirabassi along with Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, English Professor at the University of New Hampshire, recently presented at the 2013 National Council of Teachers of English Conference in Boston, MA.

Their session, entitled, “Redefining ‘Informational Texts’ for the 21st Century: Innovative Ways to Get All Student Writers to be Hands-on, Rhetorically Savvy, and Into the Community,” asked participants, ranging from secondary school English teachers to college composition professors, to re-envision what the Common Core calls “informational texts” for all student writers through hands-on learning, field-based investigations, and professional workplace and community genres.

The session’s focus on inclusive writing pedagogy included an argument regarding why workplace and community texts should be considered “informational texts,” as defined by the Common Core, an activity illustrating the importance of teaching students to analyze and write such texts, a curriculum unit on workplace and community writing, and opportunities for discussion about ways to incorporate this type of curriculum in secondary and college-level classes.

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