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Danielle Scadova ‘15

Danielle Scadova '15

Danielle Scadova had never thought much about Economics until her brother suggested that just for kicks they take a class together.

"I didn’t even know what the class was going to be about," Scadova says of that Intro to Macroeconomics class they took together. "And then I took it and just loved it."

"It all sort of made sense," she says. "It was very applicable and I felt as though I was more informed about real world scenarios by having that information."

Scadova, who will graduate in 2015 says that through her work in the Economics program, she’s reached a deeper understanding of the great depression, financial crashes in the 1980s and the most recent recession.

"It’s nice to take something that’s so real and take it back into the class and analyze it with things that I’ve learned," she says.

Further, professors in the department take a heterodox approach to Economics, which means, while students learn the basics, members of the faculty urge them to go deeper into each subject and cast a wide net to include historic and social factors.

"We do get taught the basic models," Scadova says. "But like Professor Dolenc talks about, they are just models. The models are s a simplifications and aren’t going to apply to everything and it doesn’t always work like this. And so we learn the very basic elements of it and then he’ll take in real world example, compare it to the models and see how it differs. "

Not only that, she says, she’s had ample opportunity for her own original research. She recently presented some of her findings on student debt during Keene State’s Eighth Biennial Student Symposium.

Scadova says when she graduates she’d like to go into finance and eventually get her Master’s Degree.

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