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Omicron Delta Epsilon at the Eastern Economic Association, New York City
Omicron Delta Epsilon at the Eastern Economic Association, New York City

Students and Alumni

Danielle Scadova '15

Danielle Scadova had never thought much about Economics until her brother suggested that just for kicks they take a class together. "I didn’t even know what the class was going to be about," Scadova says of that Intro to Macroeconomics class they took together…

Nate Gray '12

Nate Gray wasn’t going to be an Economist, so why is he? "That is a funny question with a funny answer," he says. "I came to Keene State to do Secondary Education and Social Studies. And I was really interested in Political Science." But he took Econ 101. "And I was really good at it," Gray says…

Rob Clifford '06

Professors Patrick Dolenc and Marie Duggan drew Rob Clifford into Economics. "They were both instrumental in terms of when I took their classes they seemed more engaged in the topic matter than any of the other introduction classes I took on any other subject, "he says from his office of the Federal Bank of Boston where he currently works…

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November 30, 2017 –

“Why has industry declined in Keene between 1961 and 2017? And yet – how has Keene managed to retain firms that make ball bearings, printing presses, lenses, and tools to make satellites? Two firms that make computerized precision machine tools are employers in Keene, even though other great machine tool…