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We Have Big Plans for Our Interns

Vision Statement

The wellness focused dietetic internship at Keene State College seeks to maintain an intellectual environment in which wellness and future oriented nutrition professionals are trained. The program will provide individualized experiences in community wellness, clinical and management leading to competency in entry-level practice. The KSC DI seeks to promote professional development, leadership skills, innovation, self-direction, flexibility, creativity, problem solving, life-long learning and a collaborative entrepreneurial spirit.

Mission Statement

The Keene State College Dietetic Internship prepares graduates to provide high quality nutrition care and education that will support the health of individuals and populations. Our graduates will demonstrate leadership and professionalism; communicate effectively, think critically and creatively; make evidence-based practice decisions; collaborate in their community; and pursue meaningful work in the diverse field of dietetics.

Program Goals

  1. To prepare graduates to be competent entry level dietitians who are critical and progressive thinkers with self-directed and flexible work attitudes.
  2. To train interns to develop and implement effective educational assessment and programming across the lifespan.
  3. To develop dietetic professionals with strong interpersonal and leadership skills who effectively collaborate with peers, health professionals, and community organizations.
Please read Program Objectives for each Program Goal

Program Emphasis Competencies

To assure competency in our focus area of Community Nutrition Education and Wellness, interns will demonstrate the following program specific learning objectives:

  • Define and demonstrate wellness concepts and messages in clinical, foodservice, management, and community settings.
  • Assess and address issues of health literacy in individuals and populations.
  • Identify strategies for developing partnerships, collaborative programs, and community coalitions.
  • Promote the use of whole foods in nutrition education programs while meeting consumer acceptance for taste, nutrition guidelines, food safety, ease of preparation, and cost.
  • The achievement of the program goals, objectives, and competencies will be assessed through a variety of evaluation tools throughout the internship year as well as post-graduate surveys. Program outcome data is available upon request.

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