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James Dahlen

Class of 2010

BS Applied Computer Science

Ya, there’s an app for that. But if there isn’t James Dahlen can create one, or maybe he created an app that you already use.

Anyone with a mobile device and who appreciates how cool this technology is, has people like James to thank. And James has Keene State College, his professors, and his own passion to thank for building a launchpad for his career.

After graduating from Keene State in 2010, James went to work at New Wave Industries in Connecticut, where he started as an Android app developer. His role was to create social apps for companies trying to reach out further into the mobile world. From there he moved into iOS and web development. Now James works on a mix of Android, iOS, Blackberry, and web development.

"It’s great to be part of a small company and moving up," says James. "I’m part of the company’s growth and hopefully I’ll help make a few things that make some people a lot of money."

James enjoys being part of a dynamic group and that’s exactly how he spent his time at Keene State. "As a student, I spent lots of time in the CS lab doing random, cool stuff and helping other people."

Outside of the classroom and the CS lab, James says the time he spent with professors was very rewarding. "The professors at Keene State are great people who go out of their way to help you," he says. "Beyond the class, I enjoyed conversations with professors about things related to computer science. It’s interesting to talk and explore and see where the ideas can go. I’ve greatly enjoyed spending time with the CS community outside of class to further learn and develop."

But that time inside the class was also valuable. James’ KSC experience has enabled his professional growth and success. "Many of the CS classes encouraged, and required, us to plan a structure for the software we had to make," he explains. "This planning has proven to be very helpful while designing complex systems. I’ve used ER and other diagrams to help create solutions and help identify problems when building new applications."

So if a student is planning to pursue the field of computer science, what would James say? "If you’re passionate about CS, Keene State will do you well."

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