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Corey Austin

Class of 2013

BS Applied Computer Science

When Corey Austin was growing up north of Keene in Claremont, NH, he didn’t think college was in his future. In fact, he didn’t think about it much at all. College was barely a dream, and it wasn’t a typical topic of family conversation.

"My mother didn’t finish school and my father went straight into the workforce, so college didn’t seem like and option and we didn’t really talk about it," he recalls.

But a very encouraging 8th grade teacher who recognized Corey’s aptitude for math and desire to learn, ultimately led Corey down the path to college. It began with Upward Bound, Keene State College’s summer program that prepares students for success in high school and college enrollment. That program launched Corey’s college experience upward, but then he took it to new heights.

While pursuing a degree in Applied Computer Science, Corey was president of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the Computer Science Honor Society. He was also a technician working for the IT department and volunteered his time to fellow students at Keene State’s Help Desk.

Corey’s combination of outstanding technical and communication skills, as well as his drive to succeed, have been noticed by Google more than 3,000 miles away. His next step is a big one. After graduation, this young professional is headed west to San Francisco where he’ll begin his career at Google working in technical support.

Throughout his educational, Corey has benefitted from the guidance of outstanding teachers. But he’s also persevered and taken full advantage of the resources that have surrounded him at Keene State. It’s Corey philosophy that everyday is an opportunity. "If a student comes here with goals and ambition, they can use Keene State to their full advantage for their own future. That’s exactly what I did. I came to Keene State and made it what I wanted it to be. I’m moving toward a successful start to my career at Google, where more opportunities lie. I can’t think of another way KSC could have given me more."

One piece of safe advice given to Corey, and now given by him, is that "your education will always support you."

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