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Research and Laboratory Opportunities

Andrew Abeleira (sitting) and Professor James Kraly
Andrew Abeleira (sitting) and Professor James Kraly

Opportunities abound for chemistry students. A variety of research projects are being conducted by chemistry faculty and students. Examples range from applied chemistry to help slow the progression of cancer, to analyses of particulate matter from biodiesel and diesel exhaust - all of the research projects enlist the participation of students. Students take classroom learning and apply it in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to conduct research, and they learn how to use this equipment in introductory courses and employ it extensively in upper-level courses. Lab computers are loaded with software used throughout introductory and advanced courses.

Student Presentations and Connections in the Field

In addition to on-campus research and lab work, students are presented with opportunities beyond the College and program to further build skills and interests in the field of chemistry. Many students present their research results at the annual Academic Excellence Conference, meetings of the American Chemical Society, and even national and international conferences. In addition, many top students have been placed in summer REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) programs, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Many students graduate with scholarly publications in their resumes.

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