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Life after KSC: What Our Grads Are Doing

Kelly Elkins '97

"At Keene State, I received challenging and rewarding instruction from many talented and committed faculty, and I learned that with perseverance and practice, my skills would improve – in everything from work in the genetics lab with fruit flies to improving my times on the swim team. My success gave me the confidence to pursue a career in teaching and research. I also made many friends and enjoyed being part of the KSC community.”

Kelly Elkins ’97 (BA Chemistry, BS Biology) earned her MA and PhD in Chemistry from Clark University. She is an assistant professor of forensic chemistry at Towson University, where she teaches and supervises masters students’ research projects. She is the author of Forensic DNA Biology: A Laboratory Manual (Elsevier, 2012).

Andrew Abeleira '12

“At KSC I learned how to learn. By that I mean I learned how to approach a problem from different perspectives, I learned how to think out of the box while researching different topics, I learned how to be efficient when juggling assignments with a wide range of topics. The liberal arts environment of KSC gives students a well-rounded skill set ranging from conducting raw scientific research to communicating that research to the public. The second skill is often overlooked at schools that focus more on raw technical abilities.”

Andrew Abeleira ’12 (BS Chemistry) went from KSC to the PhD program in Chemistry at Colorado State University, where he is studying analytical chemistry, particularly atmospheric biogeochemistry. He also has a fellowship from a National Science Foundation research program in biofuels, which ranges from technical production issues to environmental and economic policy studies.

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