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Biography Reference Center

Robert de Montesquiou, one of thousands of biographies available in the...
Robert de Montesquiou, one of thousands of biographies available in the Biography Reference Center.

Are you looking for biographical information about a particular person? Do you need to write a paper about a particular scientist or author? Don’t turn to Wikipedia—use our database Biography Reference Center.

Biography Reference Center contains more than 461,000 full-text biographies of actors, writers, politicians, scientists, and more. These biographies have appeared in encyclopedias and reputable publications like Biography Today, so you can trust that the information is accurate and reliable. The database can even help you round out your research by providing links to related articles, biographies for people who are connected to that person, and suggestions for further reading about the person whose biography you are interested in. It is a great source for providing background information in an introduction or for a complete research project about a given person.

Even if you aren’t conducting research for a particular paper, this database will help you gain insight into the lives of important, influential people. If you are writing a paper, though, Biography Reference Center will generate citations for all the articles you use, which will save you a lot of time when it comes to writing your works cited page. Visit Biography Reference Center through the Mason Library databases.