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Michael Nieckoski

Canvas Administrator
Mason Library/Continuing Education
Mason Library 112 • M/S 3201

Michael's current position at Keene State College is as Academic Technology Consultant and Canvas Administrator. Michael has been working with technology in academic settings for 29 years in various capacities, including holding technology director positions at two colleges. His experience includes audio-visual, computing, multimedia and web design. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio-TV-Film from Temple University, and a Master of Arts degree in Education from George Washington University, majoring in Educational Technology Leadership. In the 1990’s Mr. Nieckoski did software development and freelance web design, and taught various applications and web-design classes at the Graduate Center of Marlboro College. He has been involved with all teaching- and learning-related technology activities including learning management systems, computer labs, educational websites, classroom technology, training for technology use and integration of technology into the curriculum. Michael has taught workshops, provided teacher-training for technology and taught graduate-level courses in the classroom and online. Most recently working with Keene State College's Continuing Education Department and The Southwestern New Hampshire Educational Support Center, Michael provides teacher training for technology for K through College level teachers and adult learners.

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