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Interlibrary Loan

KSC community: faculty, students, staff ILL Request Page

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service offered by Mason Library to support the research and educational needs of the Keene State College community by providing access to supplemental resources that are not available at Mason Library, Keene Public Library, or in full-text periodical databases subscribed to by the College. Through our participation in OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, a global library cooperative), and the New Hampshire State Library’s NHAIS (New Hampshire Automated Information System) we can share our resources and borrow materials from virtually anywhere.

Turn-around time for receipt of most materials is one to two weeks, but some take considerably longer. View the complete Interlibrary Loan Policy Before submitting your request, please search the catalog. We cannot process requests for items held locally.

Making a request

KSC patrons: Go to the Interlibrary Loan request page. For assistance making a request either check the Interlibrary Loan request tutorial or contact the ILL office directly.

ILL Office: 603-358-2715
ILL Fax: 603-358-2743

Other libraries: Go here

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