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Mason Library Annual Lecture

The Mason Library Lecture, started in 1989 with Library Director Paul Vincent, serves to support, encourage, collect, and disseminate scholarship at Keene State. The purpose of this lecture is to bring to campus scholars whose works or publications have contributed significantly to the disciplines in which they specialize. The lecture series seeks to provide students with learning opportunities outside the classroom and to contribute to the academic life of the campus community.

Mason Library Lecturers and their topics:

Year Lecture
1989 Klemens von Klemperer “Problems of Resistance Against National Socialism”
1990 Carol Gilligan “Teaching Shakespeare’s Sister: Moral Reasoning and Female Adolescent Development”
1991 Doris Kearns Goodwin “The Art of Biography”
1992 Noel Perrin “Giving Up the Gun: Japan’s Reversion to the Sword, 1543-1879”
1993 March Jonathan D. Spence “Building a Heavenly Kingdom: The Taiping Challenge to the Chinese State”
1993 November Jules Olitski “On Making Art: My Experience”
1994 Jaroslav Jan Pelikan “The Russian Roots of the American Spirit”
1996 Juliet B. Schor “Rethinking Consumer Society: Work, Time, and Money in Contemporary America”
1997 Steven Pinker “The Language Instinct”
1999 Jamaica Kincaid A reading from her work
2000 Tracy Kidder A reading from his work
2001 Steven Wise “Towards Legal Rights for Animals”
2002 Robert Putnam “Community in America Before and After 9/11”
2003 Herbert Bix “Emperior Hirohito in 20th Century History: The Debate Rekindles”
2004 Laurel Thatcher Ulrich “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History”
2005 Stephen Greenblatt “Shakespeare in Life”
2006 Frederick Wiseman “How to Read a Documentary Film”
2007 Thomas Oliphant “New Hampshire: Am I Blue?”
2008 Rebecca Rule “The Power of Story”
2009 Jack Beatty “America’s Two Gilded Ages: Then and Now”
2010 Michael Sullivan “Boys and Reading”
2011 Kerry Fosher “In the Thick of It: An Anthropologist’s Intersections with Post 9/11 American National Security
2012 Charles Simic “A Poetry Reading and Discussion”
2013 Marcelo Gleiser “Imperfect Creation: Searching for Meaning in an Age of Science”
2014 Johnathan Bloom & Sheila Blair “ The Islamic Book from Paper to Calligraphy”
2015 Elizabeth Talbot “Outbreak Investigation and Control: From the Basics to Ebola”
2016 Michael Meeropol “THE CASE FOR EXONERATION Ethel & Julius Rosenberg, Espionage, and Recent Historical Revelations”
2017 Professor Paul Vincent "MEMORY"
2018 Professor Randall Balmer "Full Circle: The Religious Right from Bob Jones and Jerry Falwell to Donald Trump and Roy Moore"

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