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Transformative Teaching

Transformative Teaching

The BEST program supported Transformative Teaching grants to stimulate curriculum development for gateway courses in our disciplines.

Research shows that when students actively participate in projects and classroom exercises, they learn more effectively. At Keene State College faculty members transformed their classrooms to ensure that students are active participants in their own learning. Through thoughtful, interactive teaching approaches, students collaborate with faculty and their peers. These collaborative efforts develop trust, respect and opportunities to hone communication skills with others in the class. Students ultimately discover their own strengths and capabilities, and become more comfortable in pursuing further education in the fields of science, technology and mathematics. With student success in mind, Keene State College is working to grow the number of classrooms that regularly incorporate active participation by providing resources that are needed to more faculty members.

There are several ways Keene State faculty are transforming their classrooms to help students learn through taking action. In some cases, students are placed into groups in the classroom and tasked with a project to complete. Groups present their results to the professor and other student groups, exchanging points of view. Some professors ask students to then complete out-of-class exercises based on the in-class projects. Technology also plays an important role in engaging students in their studies, and supplementing the in-person classroom experience. Professors communicate online with students, assignments are explained and class schedules are made available when it’s convenient for students to get the information needed. Finally, some professors are working to get first-year students involved in semester-long projects that keep them active and focused throughout the semester. These, and other highly engaging classroom approaches, are used at Keene State College to help students succeed.

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