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Overarching Themes of the Integrated Studies Program


You’ll learn to

  • recognize how differences shape approaches to identity, knowledge, and power.
  • apply diverse perspectives and experiences to develop disciplinary arguments.


You’ll learn to

  • identify the ethical issues within a discipline.
  • solve an ethical problem associated with a discipline.

Global Issues

You’ll learn to:

  • approach global issues from multiple perspectives in deriving solutions to potential conflicts.
  • critique a discipline through the lens of other cultural values.
  • demonstrate a commitment to analyzing and/or solving global issues.
  • demonstrate knowledge about cultures, societies, religious worldviews and /or political/economic systems outside of the western context.
  • demonstrate an understanding of non-western cultures from the context of those cultures.

Social and Environmental Engagement

You’ll learn to

  • identify elements of social and/or environmental structures: individual, group and system.
  • demonstrate a commitment to analyzing and/or solving social and/or environmental issues.
  • articulate the interrelations of natural and social-cultural systems, and the ways in which human agency can both degrade and sustain the environment.

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Integrative Studies Program

Mark C. Long

"We see that students are developing stronger skills in writing, are more challenged and more confident in their ability to meet new challenges, and are getting a better sense of what is happening in the world around them."

Dr. Gordon Leversee
A Liberal Arts Education:
One Father’s Experience