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Italy: Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute - Florence

Lorenzo de’ Medici offers a comprehensive academic program in English in the heart of Florence. Operating since 1973, the campus with its fifteen buildings is especially strong in the areas of art and art restoration, architecture, digital design and fashion, film studies and philosophy, and Italian and European culture and history and, of course, Italian language. Internships for credit and various types of community engagement are possible.

The university is located in the historic city center, right next to the thriving San Lorenzo market and church and close to transport facilities. Florence’s unique architectural masterpiece, the Duomo, is within a few minutes’ walk. The main LDM building in Florence is situated in Via Faenza and dates back to the 13th century. It originated as a convent connected to a medieval church, San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini. This church, now deconsecrated, was founded in 1206 and for its first hundred years belonged to the Knights Templar. Rich in medieval frescoes and sculpture, the church has recently been restored to its original splendor. The city is also known for its exceptional cuisine, characteristic restaurants, ice cream parlors, wine bars, elegant shops, artistic workshops and traditional markets.


Semester Dates

Fall: Late August through mid-December Spring: Late January through mid-May

Accommodation Type

Homestays or university arranged off-campus housing

Language of Instruction


Special Requirement

2.8 GPA