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Internal Grants and Faculty Fellows

Keene State College offers faculty different internal funding sources for professional development related to teaching, scholarship, and other kinds of collaborations with colleagues and our students. Applicant eligibility varies by employee group. Criteria for projects range from pedagogical supplies and curriculum development to conference travel and protected time to conduct research or engage in creative activities that impact more than an individual faculty member on campus. Application and review protocol is not the same for each grant, and deadlines span fiscal and academic calendars.

Tenure-Track Faculty Enrichment Grants

This grant program is funded by the operating budget of Faculty Enrichment so awards advance the mission of Faculty Enrichment: to support faculty as teachers, scholars, and active members of the Keene State College community throughout the various stages of their careers. Faculty Enrichment Grants must impact your colleagues on campus. More about Tenure-Track Faculty Enrichment Grants

Tenure-Track, Clinical, and Artist-in-Residence Faculty Development Grants

The KSCEA collective bargaining agreement with the University System of New Hampshire specifies that tenure-track, clinical, and artist-in-residence faculty at Keene State College are eligible to apply for grants from this funding pool for professional development. These grants are most appropriate for expenses related to the scholarly needs of individual faculty. More about Tenure-Track, Clinical, and Artist-in-Residence Faculty Development Grants

Adjunct Faculty Development Grants

Through the collective bargaining agreement between the KSCAA adjunct faculty union at Keene State College and the University System of New Hampshire, the college offers $15,000 in grant awards for eligible adjunct faculty development on an annual basis. For adjunct faculty with five to 29 semesters of teaching at Keene State College, the maximum award is $900. More about Adjunct Faculty Development Grants

BEST Transformative Teaching Grants

The Building Excellence in Science and Technology (BEST) program at Keene State College offers Transformative Teaching Grants to stimulate curriculum enhancement or redesign of gateway courses in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics.

The ultimate goals of these grants are to increase retention of students in those courses and disciplines, help student confidence, and in turn improve graduation rates. All tenure-track faculty and adjunct faculty that teach gateway courses required to complete a degree in a BEST discipline are eligible to apply for a Transformative Teaching Grant. The grants pay $4,900 gross for 6.5 weeks of work (like teaching a class in the summer).

The BEST program will also pay for up to $1,000 in supplies related to the effort of transforming one of these gateway courses in these disciplines. For more information, visit the BEST website about its Transformative Teaching Grants.

Service-Learning Mini-Grants

With support from a donor gift fund, the Service-Learning Mini-Grants program launched for the Fall 2017 semester. The purpose of these grants is to expand the number of courses offered at Keene State College that incorporate the pedagogy of service-learning with non-profit organizations.

For example, these mini-grants (upwards of $500) cover a small faculty stipend for development of a new service-learning course or an existing one, fund costs associated with expansion of an ongoing service-learning initiative such as a small honorarium for guest speakers or travel, and pay for expenses related to supplies and showcasing service-learning projects in public.

Grant applications are due at least three weeks before the start of the semester. Depending on requested amounts, five to eight grants will be awarded each semester. A committee of Keene State College faculty, community partners, staff and/or students review applications. For more information, visit the Service-Learning and Internships website about how to apply for a Service-Learning Mini-Grant.

Faculty Fellowships

Funded by the Provost, Faculty Fellows collaborate with and support the mission of Faculty Enrichment to help our colleagues. For a Faculty Fellowship, faculty might launch and facilitate faculty learning communities or design workshops for their peers to learn new pedagogy. More about Faculty Fellowships

Funding for Faculty Collaborations with Students

Whether the financial support comes from internal operating budgets or partnerships with donors and companies, check out these additional grant programs for faculty who mentor undergraduate research and creative endeavors or who spearhead campus events that enrich the academic experience for our students. More about Funding for Faculty Collaborations with Students

Contact Faculty Enrichment

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