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Body-Esteem as Component of Subjective Well-Being

This study evaluates the four major components of subjective well-being: life satisfaction, use of strengths, positive and negative emotions, and meaning and purpose in life in relation to body-esteem.

Restorative Dialogue in Residential Life

Two Residents Assistants will describe their work developing and implementing effective ways of building community and resolving conflict in Residence Halls at Keene State. This workshop will describe and illustrate the benefits observed so far, of adopting a method of dialogue that repairs a harmed community and reintegrates responsible parties. Responses to student conduct will also be addressed utilizing this approach of relationship building. We will discuss the inherent values, the psycho-educational implications and the theoretical shift inherent in this approach. Workshop participants will be invited to participate in a dialogue that illustrates these concepts.

Title: Goal State Effects on Working Memory Task

State goals and motivations have been previously determined to affect working memory. This study further explores this relationship by inducing motivational goal states before and during a word-based task. These results will help understand how to maximize student efficiency by avoiding strategies that may hinder academic performance.

Patterns in Helicopter Parenting

Based on 750 students responses, four forms of Helicopter-parenting exist. The first consists of tracking and excessive-control; the second involves tracking and over-emotional involvement; the third often shared by the first two types, consists of intervention at school, and the final type found in controlling parents involves very high expectations.

Personalities underlying Bullying in College Women

“Relational Aggression” describes bullying behaviors such as humiliation, intimidation, and manipulation. The present study introduces three new personality tests to measure relational aggression in adult women. Subjects were 422 undergraduate students. The Relational Aggression tests were statistically valid and reliable, and can be useful as part of anti-bullying programs.

The Causes of the Obesity Crisis

The dominant approaches to the obesity crisis in the weight loss industry and in much of the medical community have mistakenly focused on personal responsibility. We present a theory of the crisis based on environmental determinants of behavior and discuss our research into solutions to the crisis.

Effects of Stress Encoding in Memory

The current study aims to contribute to the understanding of the complex, paradoxical relationship that exists between stress and memory processes. This research is highly relevant for educational settings, where stress is a consistent and universal experience among students attempting to meet academic demands.