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Integrative Thinking and Writing

Access to Arts Education in America

School systems across the US continue to cut funding for art education. These cuts, however, are not equally distributed; low-income and rural students are disproportionately affected. This paper discusses the stark differences in access to art education based on socioeconomic class and geographic location.

Benefits of Music Education

This interdisciplinary research project draws from music education and sociology in order to argue that music programs are essential to students’ academic and emotional growth. This paper will appeal to anyone interested in promoting music education as a necessary part of a public school curriculum.

The Stigma of Mental Illnesses in America

The objective of this paper is to examine how perceptions of mental illness, as a result of the history of the mental healthcare system and class and racial differences, can influence the decision of mentally ill people to seek out treatment.

Women's Experiences in Prison

This interdisciplinary paper examines the experience of prison for female inmates to argue that women’s needs are not being met in the current system; Drawing from psychology, sociology, and personal testimonies, this paper will appeal to anyone interested in social justice and women’s experiences.