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Theatre and Dance

"Where Two Worlds Meet"

"Where Two Worlds Meet" is a dance performance based on a community outreach internship and the movement it inspired, showing the importance of exploring social problems through dance.

Disassembled: Dance on Perpetrator Psychology

This presentation will explain the choreographic process and methods used to make Disassembled, a modern dance exploration of group mentality, duality and emotional compartmentalization during the Holocaust, concluding with a live performance of the dance and questions from the audience.

Producing a Modern Dance Concert

This presentation explores, through discussion and a brief, creative film documentary, the collaborative and creative processes, research methods, and production practices employed in the development of the 2014, student produced, modern dance concert, “Acts of Humanity.”

Importance of Sharing Art for Wide Academic Growth

We will present works of dance, performance, and design used to engage in the greater artistic community at the Kennedy Center American College Dance and Theatre Festivals, in order to show the importance of the arts within our academic community.

It Has to Happen: A Choreographer's Process

This AEC performance and presentation will focus on choreographic process and the way that the action of peeling an orange was used to create movement for a dance quartet. The presenter will discuss and demonstrate how through choreographic tasks the movement vocabulary was developed for the creation of the final piece.