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Weimar Germany Cultural Stereotypes in Film

This presentation will demonstrate how the film Siegfried’s juxtaposition of the Aryan “ideal” / foreign “other” affected cultural motifs and stereotypes present in Weimar and Nazi Germany, broadening viewer understanding of German cultural symbols before World War II.

Preserving the Testimony of a Holocaust Survivor

This project provides a detailed experience in what is required in preserving the oral history of a Holocaust survivor, particularly in an internship where the participant is the first and needs to create her own guide for herself and future interns to follow and learn from.

Gender Fluidity in Medieval London

I will orally present my paper which will interest a college-wide audience as questions of gender identity and presentation are on the rise. Thus it is important in the study of history, as the paper purports the difference in gender concepts of the Middle Ages to our own time period.

Weimar Cinema and Dream Works

This paper’s purpose is to analyze the construction of film in the Weimar Republic using Sigmund Freud’s Dream Works in order to look deeper into the traumas of World War One, the anxieties German’s held about their future, and the lead up to Nazi domination.