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Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Categorizing Individuals during Genocide

This presentation will offer a new perspective on the genocidal categories of victim, bystander, perpetrator, and rescuer, using choice and action as criteria for placement on the spectrum.

KSC ISP from a Student Perspective

As a teaching assistant in the ISP course “Religion and Violence”, the presenter worked with students to further integrative learning in the course. Using her experience, she analyzes the application of ISP learning outcomes and questions how professors across campus can further the benefits of the ISP program.

Rape as a Tool of Genocide

Through content analysis of court cases from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, this presentation aims to examine the extent the landmark case Prosecutor v. Akayesu has been invoked as a precedent for defining rape during genocide.

Transitional Justice & Reconciliation in Bosnia

Following a war in Bosnia, where accounts of genocide took place, it is important to look at the role of transitional justice in reconciliation to see what is working and what needs to change in order to mend the country and make sure what occurred there never happens again.