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EDUC 312: will be transitioning to EDUC 414 and EDUC 415 and 416 as part of curriculum changes

Early Childhood Methods II: Primary Grades

Course Summary: The EDUC 312 Methods course is the study of developmentally appropriate practices for Kindergarten to grade 3 using NAEYC standards. Emphasis will be on curriculum development in math, science, language arts, and social studies; classroom design; child guidance; assessment; family involvement; health and safety; and the development of a professional role in the public school-early childhood classroom. This course is the continuation of the Methods I experience all in preparation for Student Teaching and future employment. Students have the opportunity to integrate previous experiences and knowledge gained in Methods I by participating in a public school primary grades classroom for two school-days each week. They are part of a teaching team and take on responsibility for all aspects of teaching, including: planning and preparation; design of the learning environment; child guidance; interaction with children and support of their learning; collaboration with professional colleagues; communication with families. Note that students are typically second-semester juniors or first-semester seniors and are taking 2 other courses with their methods experience.

Field experience hours: Field experience in a public school, primary grades classroom required. Approximate field time is 200 hours.

Cooperating teachers are expected to communicate regularly with the supervisor and student; attend a formal 3-way conference with the supervisor and student at the beginning, middle and end of the semester; provide guidance and feedback to the student on a regular basis; incorporate student learning experiences into the curriculum; share resources; complete and share mid-semester clinical summative evaluation and dispositions forms; and submit final clinical summative evaluation and dispositions forms on Tk20. Cooperating professionals will be invited to on-campus professional development sessions with other cooperating teachers.

EDUC 414: EC Classroom Teaching (B-5) - Licensure Track

EDUC 415: EC Practicum (K-3) - Certification Track

EDUC 416: K-3 Student Teaching - Certification Track

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