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Lit Forms - Medieval Romance

In The Cambridge Companion to Romance, romance is looselydefined as "a dynamic network of fictions, written first inverse and then in prose, that recounted the exploits of knights,ladies, and noble families seeking honor, love, and adventure(Krueger 2000: 2)." Over the course of the semester, we willtrace the development of romance from its inception in thetwelfth century to its "death" in the early modern period. Aswe do so, we will question the definition given above andattempt to describe the genre more concisely and specifically. We will also discuss why this popular genre disappears at theend of the seventeenth century and examine its legacy in themodern era. Prereq: ITW 101 and ENG 215

Section: ENG-315-01
Credits: 4
Faculty: Meriem Pages
Days: TR
Times: 12:00PM‑1:45PM (TR)
Start/End Date: 01/16/18 - 05/04/18
Instruction Method: Lecture-based Learning

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