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Descriptive Grammar

This course examines English grammar: how it works, how to bestteach it, ideologies about it, and our inexhaustible andhistorical urge to fix 'other' people's use of it. Topicsinclude: English as a linguistic system, language change,ideologies about language and identity, descriptive v.prescriptive grammatical rules, language variation and Americandialects, rhetorical grammar, the history of the Englishlanguage, and Standard English as well as brief work in Englishphonology, morphology, and syntax. Students develop productiveframeworks and concrete strategies for teaching English grammarto middle and high school students. This course is required forsecondary English teacher certification and is open only tojunior and senior English Majors (or by permission ofinstructor). Prereq: ITW 101 and one 200 level English course.Prereq: ITW 101 and one 200-level English course

Section: ENG-312-01
Credits: 4
Faculty: Christopher M Parsons
Days: TR
Times: 4:00PM‑5:45PM (TR)
Start/End Date: 01/16/18 - 05/04/18
Instruction Method: Lecture-based Learning

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