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Corrections, Rehab & Re-Entry

Selected topics in Criminal Justice Studies. May be repeated as topics change; however, only a maximum of 4 credits can be used to satisfy the depth requirements of the CJS minor. Prerequisites: Prerequisites vary as topics change. See course listings for details. Occasionally.

Section: CJS-290-02
Credits: 4
Faculty: Angela Barlow
Days: T
Times: 6:00PM‑9:30PM (T)
Start/End Date: 01/16/18 - 05/04/18
Instruction Method: Lecture-based Learning
Comments: An overview of the correctional process, rehabilitative programsoffered in prisons, and support networks for individualsre-entering society, with an emphasis on the social, political,and economic influences on this process. Topics include theimpact of correctional programming by the age, race, class,gender, and sexuality of the offender.

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