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Plagues and Poisons

INBIO-101 Plagues and PoisonsAn introduction to the science of toxicology and microbiologywith an emphasis on chemical and biological safety. Topicsinclude basic chemical and microbial characteristics that affecthuman exposure to risk, and how these risks can be mitigated.Case studies from workplace environments past and present, andthe application of data to risk assessment and mitigation will beemphasized. Course and/or Learning Outcomes: At the completion of the course,students should be able to:1. Develop an understanding of chemical and biologicalfundamentals that underlie risk, including chemical propertiessuch as solubility, and microbiological properties such as growthrate and modes of transmission. 2. Describe and perform basic calculations such as chemical orbiological concentrations and dosage in relationship to exposurelimits.3. Describe and apply the scientific method to chemical andbiological safety scenarios to systematically arrive atdata-driven solutions. 4. Understand the differences and similarities in risk managementwhen addressing chemical versus biological agents, and be able toapply this knowledge to mitigation practices. ISP Learning Outcomes:. Demonstrate a breadth of outlook and an awareness of complexinterdependencies . Judge and decide (synthesize). Connect skills and knowledge from multiple sources andexperiences

Section: INBIO-101-01C
Credits: 4
Faculty: Loren A Launen
Start/End Date: 05/15/23 - 06/23/23
Instruction Method: Online Course

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