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Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Syrian boy plays the violin at refugee encampment, Edirne, Turkey, September 2015

USHMM – Cohen Center Civic Leadership Project

Next CLP: October 7-9, 2014

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What is the impact of extremism and prejudice? What are the roles and responsibilities of civic leaders in a democratic society? The Civic Leadership Project, a partnership of the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies in partnership with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, will explore these questions.

Spend October 7-9, 2014 in Washington DC, tour the Holocaust Memorial Museum and discuss the legacies and lessons of the Holocaust with museum staff and representatives of the Cohen Center. Return to New Hampshire energized and ready to share the mission of the Cohen Center to help build a more responsible future and continue to build communities in which respect and justice thrive.

Civic Leadership Project Group

Who Should Apply?

  • Community leaders who work to grow communities of care
  • Someone who is passionate about civic and community life
  • To apply, complete the reservation form.


  • To disseminate and advance knowledge about the Holocaust; encourage reflection upon the history and lessons of the Holocaust that are relevant to contemporary social issues, the moral and spiritual questions raised by these events; and our responsibilities as citizens of a democracy living in its shadow.
  • To connect and support community leaders as we seek to fulfill the Cohen Center’s mission ‘that present and future generation’s take responsibility for building a world free of antisemitism, intolerance, and hate.’
  • To generate discussion and community events

Included in the $550 Cost

  • Round trip Flight to DC from Manchester, N.H.
  • Shuttle van to/from hotel/metro
  • Hotel Holiday Inn Capital 550 C. Street SW, Washington. Rooms are booked with double occupancy. (Single occupancy would increase the individual cost by approximately $260.00.)
  • Two lunches
  • Dinner with USHMM representatives and N.H. Congressional Delegation (if possible)
  • Tour of USHMM Permanent Exhibit (PE)
  • Leadership program at USHMM


  • September 12, 2014: initial deposit of $250 due to reserve your participation. Checks made out to: “Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies” (229 Main Street, Keene, NH 03435-3201).


  • October 7: Depart from Manchester Airport on US Airways Flight #3417 for Washington, DC. At 5 pm. Arrive at Reagan International at 6:45pm. Evening dinner
  • October 8: Breakfast at the Holiday Inn - and then walk to the US Holocaust Museum for daylong event including the Permanent Exhibit and debriefing activities with Museum staff.
  • October 9: Breakfast at the Holiday Inn - and then walk to the US Holocaust Museum for special exhibit, “Some Were Neighbors

James H. White/Sibylle Sarah Niemoeller-von Sell CLP Fellowship

Support the White/Niemoeller von Sell Fund

The award honors the late James H. White (KSC 1984) and Sibylle Sarah Niemoeller von Sell and was created with a lead gift from Michael (KSC 1959) and Phyllis White (KSC 1960).

The purpose shall be to provide a full or partial scholarship for at least one citizen to attend the Cohen Center’s annual Civic Leadership Project (CLP) or participate in educational outreach events such as the biennial summer institute.

James H. White was the beloved brother of the Thomas White, the Coordinator of Educational Outreach. He was a man of integrity, committed to affirming the dignity of all human persons. He had an uncompromising sense of justice and as a teacher and wanted people to honestly confront prejudice and injustice.

Sibylle Sarah Niemoeller von Sell is a writer, lecturer and widow of anti-Hitler pastor Martin Niemoeller, was born to an old, highly esteemed Prussian aristocratic family. The family was staunchly and uncompromisingly anti-Nazi even before Hitler came to power. Sibylle von Sell was expelled from high school for refusing to join the Hitler Youth. Later, she suffered interrogation and physical abuse by the Gestapo for her family’s connection to the unsuccessful 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler. The pastor of the von Sell family’s Lutheran church was Martin Niemoeller, founder of the anti-Nazi Confessing Church in 1933, whose public attacks of the Nazi regime gave him such international attention that Hitler was reluctant to have him executed. He was, however, arrested, spending the war years in the concentration camps of Sachsenhausen and Dachau. After the war, she emigrated to the U.S., where she and Niemoeller were reacquainted and eventually married. After the death of her famous husband, she converted to Judaism and took the name Sarah — a meaningful gesture, she said, because it is the name that was used by the Nazis as a derogatory reference to Jewish women during the Holocaust.

Jim and Sibylle embody the values of civic leadership and moral responsibility. They shared the belief that present and future generations should take responsibility for building a world free of antisemitism, intolerance, and hate.

Recipients of this fellowship are required to write a letter of gratitude to Michael and Phyllis White and Sibylle Niemoeller von Sell discussing the personal impact of the CLP.

2014 Civic Leadership Program Schedule

October 7-9, 2014

Tuesday, October 7

  • 1:45 pm Meet at the C & S parking lot on Optical Ave
  • 2:00 pm Leave Keene for Manchester –Boston Airport / Thomas Transportation
  • 5:00 pm Depart Manchester Airport on US Airways Flight #3417 for Washington, DC.
  • 6:43 pm Arrive at Washington Reagan National, DC. Take taxis to the hotel
  • 7:30 pm Arrive at Holiday Inn Capitol
  • 8:30 pm Dinner at Clyde’s of Gallery Place courtesy of the Cohen Center

Wednesday, October 8

  • 6:30–8:00 am Breakfast ON YOUR OWN - the hotel has a Bistro as well as a Starbucks
  • 8:30 am Walk from Holiday Inn Capitol to U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum -8:45–9:00 am Arrive at Holocaust Museum’s 15th Street Entrance
    Met by Sarah Campbell, Program Coordinator for Law, Justice and Society Initiatives
  • 9:00–9:30 am Orientation in Classroom B, Sarah Campbell
  • 9:30–12:00 pm Guided Tour of Permanent Exhibition
  • 12:00–1:00 pm Lunch in Classroom B Sandwiches, cookies, drinks provided
  • 1:00–1:15 pm Reflections: Exhibition Tour Sarah Campbell
  • 1:15–2:00 pm Activity: Assessing Responsibility
    Warren Marcus, Educator, Global Classroom and Evaluation
  • 2:00–2:10 pm Break
  • 2:10–3:00 pm Presentation: Bystander Behavior
    Victoria Barnett, Director, Church Relations
  • 3:00–3:30 pm Discussion: How to Bring Lessons Back to Keene?
  • 3:30 pm Depart USHMM
  • 4:00-6:00 pm Walking Tour: Meet at World War II Memorial (Optional)
  • 6:30 pm Dinner ON YOUR OWN
  • 9:00 pm Informal debriefing in hotel bar/lounge (Optional)

Thursday, October 9

  • 6:30–8:00 am Breakfast ON YOUR OWN - the hotel has a Bistro as well as a Starbucks
  • 8:30 am Walk from Holiday Inn Capitol to US Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • 8:45–9:00 am Arrive at Holocaust Museum’s 15th Street Entrance
  • 9:00–9:30 am Orientation in Classroom B, Sarah Campbell
  • 9:30–10:30 am Tour of Temporary Exhibition, “Some Were Neighbors”
  • 10:30-11:30 am Debriefing the Exhibit
  • 12:40 pm Depart by taxi to Reagan National Airport
  • 3:00 pm Depart Reagan National on US Airways for Manchester, NH
  • 4:27 pm Arrive in Manchester, NH
  • 5:00 pm Depart Manchester for Keene
  • 7:00 pm Arrive in Keene

Resource Links

Civic Leadership Project


If you have any questions or wish to participate please contact:

Tom White

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