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Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Syrian boy plays the violin at refugee encampment, Edirne, Turkey, September 2015

Education Programs for Students

Learn more about the wide range of academic programs, clubs, and resources for undergraduate students at Keene State College.

KSC Holocaust and Genocide Studies Major

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KSC Academic Programs

The program combines historical background with an interdisciplinary exploration of both the Holocaust and other genocidal events through film, literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, religious studies, women’s studies, and other offerings. With an understanding of such issues as prejudice, discrimination, and racism, students are equipped to analyze contemporary political situations, think critically about ethical responsibility, and respond actively to injustice. More about KSC Academic Programs

HGS Honor Society

Zeta Chi Rho and its Alpha chapter, both founded at Keene State College in 2009, exist to recognize superior academic work in the field of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and to promote in-depth study of the Holocaust and genocide through research and the healthy exchange of ideas and scholarship. More about HGS Honor Society

Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Club

The Holocaust and Genocide Awareness club is open to any Keene State College student. The club works to raise awareness about the Holocaust, genocides, and atrocity throughout the world in history and the present day. We work together to learn about the past in order to make a brighter future. More about Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Club

US Holocaust Memorial Museum Trip

The annual trip to the United States Holocaust memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. is open to any student interested in learning more about the Holocaust. More about US Holocaust Memorial Museum Trip

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The Center’s work never stops, and we need your help. Our commitment to the public good is a significant part of the Center’s mission. That mission is sustained by generous supporters and benefactors.

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