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College Camp on Wilson Pond

Keene State College Camp on Wilson Pond

College Camp Lore

The College Camp on Wilson Pond has a rich history. Purchased by President Wallace E. Mason in 1929, the camp was for decades an important part of KSC students' social activities.

A unique feature of the camp is the geographic fireplace, which was built in 1937. Students, faculty, alumni, and friends contributed stones from throughout New England, the United States, and Europe to create the now famous fireplace.

The camp was almost sold in the late 1960s, but President Leo Redfern and alumni rallied to save it. The College Camp remains a beloved gathering place for members of the KSC community.

The Camp Today

The College Camp underwent a complete renovation in 1999 and is experiencing renewed interest from the College community and people throughout the Monadnock Region.

The camp is an excellent place for student meetings, alumni events, and business retreats. The lodge is equipped with comfortable furniture, an electric fireplace, conference tables, a complete kitchen, wireless internet and a projection screen. Additional media equipment is the responsibility of the renter. It is accessible to people with disabilities.

The 100-seat outdoor pavilion offers an idyllic setting for weddings and is the perfect spot for class reunions and student picnics. There are 2 BBQ Grills outside for your use. The wooded grounds offer unlimited possibilities for recreation and relaxation.


The College Camp is just a few miles south of the KSC campus. Take Main Street south from Keene; it turns into Route 12 south. Turn right on Route 32. Follow Rte 32 past the airport (on your right) and Wilson Pond (on your left). Approximately 200 yards past the end of the pond turn left onto Safford Drive. Safford Drive leads you to a stop sign intersection. Turn left here and proceed 100 yards and the camp will be on your right.

The cost of using the camp for one day is $300 for businesses, for-profit organizations, and the general public; $225 for KSC employees for personal/private events ($75 is a cleaning/maintenance fee, which may be waived by the Scheduling Office); $150 for KSC alumni and students for personal/private events; and $150 for registered nonprofit organizations.

Building Access
In cosideration of the surrounding residential neighborhood all events must end by 10:00pm. The earliest the camp can be accessed on the day of the reservation is 8:00 am. The key for the camp can be picked up the day before your event at the information desk on the 1st floor of the Student Center - building # 28 on the campus map. A $20 deposit is required to pick up the camp key. The deposit will be refunded when the key is returned. The key is to be returned to the Information Desk on the 1st floor of the Student Center the day after your event.

The camp lodge, pavilion, and grounds accommodate up to 200 people. However, there is only enough parking for 50 cars.The maximum occupancy of the lodge is 50 seated and 70 standing. Tables and chairs for 50 are available for your use. There is also a 12-foot-wide video screen; you must supply your own audiovisual equipment. The pavilion has enough picnic-table seating for 100 people.

Alcohol may be served only by a New Hampshire licensed caterer; you may not bring your own alcohol to the College Camp.

There is a Caterer's Addendum that is part of the scheduling process. Catering Services at Keene State College can be reached at 603-358-2677. There may be additional services in Keene and nearby communities.

Tent Rentals
For safety reasons, you must notify the KSC Scheduling Office if you intend to rent tents of any kind.

Responsibility of the Renter
The renter is responsible for returning all furniture to it's original location both inside the camp and the pavilion. All trash barrels both inside and out are to be emptied into the dumpster located in the rear of the parking lot.

The use of chalk, paint, glue, glitter, confetti, staples and/or tacks of any kind inside the camp or on the Pavilion are PROHIBITED. Any items you hang up for your event must be removed at the end of your event. The use of candles are PROHIBITED both inside and outside of the camp.

For more information about renting the College Camp, please contact Will Howell in the KSC Scheduling Office (603-358-2323). To submit a formal reservation request please complete the Online Scheduling Request Form as well as the KSC College Camp Procedures form.


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