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Links to Support Wellness

Study Skills: Click here for tips on improving study habits, time management, and test taking skills.

Burnout: Go here to identify, treat and prevent burnout!

Sports: Watch or get involved in sports for another stress reliever.

Arts Center: Find out about shows and events for healthy entertainment.

Bodyworks Fitness Center: You owe it to yourself to start an exercise program!

Recreational Sports: Students can participate in novice sports programs that provide an outlet to help recharge your mind and body.

Campus Safety: Learn about safety issues on campus.

Health Topics: Do you have questions about your health? Don't let the flu catch you.

Counseling Center: Learn about the service offered at KSC counseling center.

Dining Commons Locations & Menus: The menu at the Dining Commons has lots of healthy choices. Check it out!

Cheshire Medical Center: and The Community Health Education Cooperative sponsor a variety of health education programs and support services.

Vision 20/20: Engaging our community in health.


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