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Our Mission
The President's Commission for the Promotion of Wellness advocates and promotes wellness on a holistic level. The Commission supports each individual in the KSC community in making healthy choices for mind, body and spirit. The Commission is responsible for providing opportunities and strategies that promote the well-being of faculty, staff and students by coordinating programs and initiatives with the Wellness Program of USNH and by the development, planning, execution and evaluation of local health initiatives.

Our Goals

  • Provide leadership, resources and support to the KSC community regarding individual, family, and worksite health and quality of life.
  • Provide innovative health promotion programming to faculty, staff, and students of KSC.
  • Facilitate collaboration between health and wellness offices and programs at KSC, Wellness Promotion, Activity and Commitment (WELLPAC), and the greater Keene community.
  • Conduct periodic assessments of the health needs and strengths of the KSC community.

Membership Guidelines

    Membership should consist of:

      Co-Chairs - Director of Health and Wellness / Assistant Director of Human Resources

      Faculty - 3 representatives - 2 facutly, 1 adjunct - two year terms

      Operating Staff - 3 representatives - 1 Operating Staff Council representative, 2 self nominated - two year terms

      PAT - 3 representatives - 1 PAT Council representatives, 2 self nominated - two year terms

      Coordinator of Wellness Education - representing students

      Complimentary Staff - 1 position - two year term
    Ex officio Representation: the representatives from each of these offices will function on a consulting basis and attend meetings as needed by the committee

      Health Science Department

      Recreational Sports

      USNH Director of Organizational Wellness

      Counseling Services

      Community Contact

      Physcial Education Department


      Health Services

      Human Resources



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