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Land of Legacies and Legend: the Art of Georgia

Front cover photo of Georgia videoLand of Legacies and Legend: the Art of Georgia is a 28 minute video produced for the general public to show the cultural legacy of this unique country. From the legends of Prometheus to the fall of the Soviet Republic this video captures some of the rich artistic culture of the region. At its premier in Tbilisi, May of 2004, the Georgian Minister of Culture heralded it as "the most important and only record of Georgia’s cultural heritage available to a western audience".

Available both in English and Georgian, Land of Legacies and Legend: the Art of Georgia, provides a rare chance to view treasures form this ancient land between the Black sea and the Caucasian mountains which was part of the famous ancient "Silk Road". The video, created by independent scholars, shows views of sweeping landscapes, rare objects of precious metals, painting, architecture, textiles, frescos and the sound of the famous Georgian polyphonic singing. It provides an overview of Georgian culture and history from the sixth millennium BC to the present day.

Land of Legacy and Legend will be enjoyed by armchair travelers or anyone interested in art, history or culture. It is suitable for classroom use and a transcript and glossary are available.

Back cover photo of Georgia videoGeorgia is one of the poorest of the former soviet republics and the treasures in its museums desperately need care and conservation. In order to preserve these treasures for the future we are using all profits from the sale of this video to protect this heritage. You can help us out us by purchasing this video and sharing the information with your family and friends.

This educational video was the result of a grant from the American Association of Museums International Partnership Amongst Museums. The Thorne- Sagendorph Art Gallery at Keene State College was partnered with the National Museum of Art in Tbilisi Georgia and this video is the result of that collaboration.

Available as a VHS tape or DVD, Land of Legacies and Legend: the Art of Georgia may be purchased at the visitor desk in the gallery or by mail for $30.00 for the video plus $5.00 for glossary and transcript. To download an order form in PDF format, click here: Video Order Form

"The Dublin Art Colony Collection at the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery" explains and illustrates in detail the artists and the history of the colony, which flourished around Mount Monadnock in the late 19th century and into the mid 20th century. The video shows many of the wonderful paintings created by this prolific group of 30 artists in the Dublin Colony.

This 30-minute video is produced and narrated by Paul Tuller, former president of the Dublin Historical Society. The video is available to libraries throughout New Hampshire.

All proceeds from this video sale go towards the Thorne Gallery's campaign to enhance its Dublin Art Colony holdings as an educational and historical resource for the Monadnock Region. Suggested donation is $50 to receive a video, which includes shipping. To order a video please download please download the Video Order Form or call 603-358-2720.

Video Order Form


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