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Previous Exhibits – 2006

Index of Previous Exhibits


    Prints by Women: Selected Work

    Ann Nooney artwork

    September 22 –
    December 10, 2006

    The exhibition reflects the achievements of women artists and their changing vision, paralleling the increasing social freedom experienced by women. These works present a sampling of various artistic movements and techniques in the field of printmaking in the 19th and 20th centuries.


    Techniques and Styles: A Sampling of Paintings and Drawings

    Paul Cezanne artwork

    September 22 –
    December 10, 2006

    This educational exhibit provides an opportunity for audiences to study a variety of techniques and media used in creating two-dimensional works of art and to learn about significant movements in Western art. These exhibits are on loan from the Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia.


    The Simple Art: Printed Images in an Age of Magnificence

    November 9 –
    December 10, 2006

    These works by 16th-century Italian printmakers are borrowed from New England public collections. The exhibit was curated by Patricia Emison, Professor of Art History and Humanities at the University of New Hampshire. This exhibition was organized by The Art Gallery, University of New Hampshire.


    Art = Body + Mind:
    How Psychic and Physical Health Inform Artistic Expression

    June 9 –
    October 15, 2006
    (closed August 5 –
    September 4)

    The exhibit features: The Tipping Point: Health Narratives from the South End, an interactive interdisciplinary installation; How to Draw Yourself Out of a Hole by Anne Harris; videos; prints by Rosemarie Bernardi, and examples of an integrated learning assignment by KSC students in a 3-D design class. Read more...


    Selections from the Collection, featuring the Dublin Art Colony

    June 2 –
    August 4, 2006

    This exhibit features 19th-century artists from the Dublin Art Colony, which flourished around Mount Monadnock into the 20th century. The exhibit includes three pieces by local artist Barry Faulkner; the works have recently been restored and framed. Read more...


    Emerging Art:
    The Annual Keene State College Art Students Exhibition

    April 17 –
    May 7, 2006

    The KSC Department of Art presents an exhibition of recent works in a variety of media by studio art and graphic design seniors and other students taking art courses at KSC.


    The Biennial Keene State College Art Faculty Exhibition

    January 21 –
    February 26, 2006

    The exhibit ranges from traditional art, such as charcoal drawings and oil and watercolor paintings, to the experimental, including vintage dolls and prints, anodized enamel, installation and computer art, and toy cars affixed with epoxy. Faculty exhibitors are: Sam Azzaro, Rosemarie Bernardi, Richard Carlson, Mary Kendra Crawford, Henry Freedman, Marsha Hewitt, Robert Kostick, Ann LaRoche, Walter Nicolai, Chris Nitsche, Yuan Pan, Christa Parravani, John Roberts, Katharina Rooney, and Craig Stockwell.

    Works by Rosemarie Bernardi, associate professor of art, and Marsha Hewitt, chairperson of the Art Department, will be showcased in one gallery. Both Bernardi and Hewitt created numerous works of art during recent sabbaticals from the college classroom.

    Read more


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