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Previous Exhibits – 2003

Index of Previous Exhibits


    How the Ink Feels

    November 1 –
    December 7, 2003

    Artists, writers, and printers collaborated to create images for this print exhibition of letterpress broadsides, which illuminate poetry and prose by such well-known writers as James Agee and Stanley Kunitz.


    Ukiyo-e: Japanese Woodblock Prints

    Japanese Woodblock Print

    Image: Kabuki scene (Three Samurai), Toyokuni III, Japanese print from the University of New Hampshire Collection.

    October 25 –
    December 7, 2003

    Ukiyo-e, or "pictures of the floating world," refers to beautifully colored woodblock prints depicting scenes from everyday life in 18th and 19th century Japan. This exhibit, on loan from the University of New Hampshire Collection, is the centerpiece of the Friends of the Thorne's education program for area schoolchildren Nov. 3-14.


    Jules Olitski: A Ten-Year Retrospective

    Image: "June Spirit," Jules Olitski, 2002, pastel on rag paper

    September 2 –
    October 12, 2003

    Since 1993 when a retrospective of his work opened the new Thorne Gallery, Jules Olitski continues a prolific creation of artwork ranging from his characteristic highly-textured abstract canvases to vivid landscapes, monoprints, colorful life drawings, and metal sculptures. This retrospective exhibits work from the last ten years during which time the artist has fluctuated between representational and abstract art returning to paint directly from nature and the human form to exploring abstract color and movement.


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