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The Education Program of the Friends of the Thorne offers two arts enrichment programs to regional schools. Both are free of charge and encourage community participation through volunteer presentations.

F.A.C.T.S. (Famous Artists Come To School) volunteers have reached thousands of students in regional schools with this arts enrichment program. Volunteers for F.A.C.T.S. study an individual artist and visit area classrooms to make presentations. The Friends of the Thorne have developed a lending library of over 70 artist portfolios containing books, prints and posters. Call to find out how the Friends can provide you with the materials and support to bring this wonderful arts enrichment program to your school.

Guided Tours for School Groups
The Thorne Sagendorph Art Gallery presents an annual exhibit with an educational component for regional school visits. Two teacher consultants and the Education Committee of the Friends of the Thorne prepare twenty minute guided tours and a related craft project for visiting classes. We provide an information packet to teachers for classroom preparation. Volunteers from the community are invited to join the Education Committee as 'Docents' or gallery guides. The Friends provide docent training and orientation for guiding classes through the exhibits.

To schedule a group tour during this time, contact Sally Urso-Profera by phone at 603-358-2719 or by e-mail:

Become a Volunteer
Volunteers at the Thorne enjoy the richness of discovering and learning about new exhibits all the time. What better way to engage in informal continuing education and provide a valuable community service in arts enrichment? Join the Friends and volunteer today.

For information, contact the Thorne Education Program Office by e-mail at or by phone at 603-358-2720.


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